From Financial Advisor to Wellness Advocate and Educator

Get to know more about Troy Nickell.

From Financial Advisor to Wellness Advocate and Educator

As is the case with many wellness coaches, I didn’t grow up thinking this is what I wanted to do with my life. But the profession chose me. I went to school for finance and was working as a financial advisor for a number of years, but eventually just got to a point where I wasn’t happy. I decided to go to therapy and see what I could do about it, and that’s where I discovered my true calling in life.

Therapy was so eye-opening for me, and taught me so much, including the realization that this is what I really want to be doing.

I want to help people discover what it is they really want in life, and then help them start taking action to get there… and find happiness along the way.

I pivoted my professional path at the age of 30 to focus on therapy and more recently pivoted again to focus on a  coaching-type approach to helping people that I have found to be the absolute best way to help even more people on a deeper level.

Growing up in Los Angeles with four siblings, I had to endure a lot throughout my childhood which taught me to carefully navigate situations and have resilience. I was able to utilize my less-than-perfect childhood experiences to become a stronger adult, which is something I help my clients achieve as well.

I was able to explore outside of LA, go to college in Santa Barbara and earn my bachelor’s and master’s degree, and build a beautiful life in San Diego where I’ve been since 2008. Since that point, I have successfully founded and grown multiple businesses, but am most excited about what I am doing right now.

I hope that my life experiences can inspire my clients and show them that it is possible to enjoy their life, make a long-lasting impact, and not have to just suffer through their day-to-day life because someone told them that’s how they “should” be doing things.

If you’re feeling unhappy about where you are in life and want help figuring out how to change things up and start a new chapter, we should talk.


Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara
Master’s of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology
Marriage and Family Therapist, License No. 82993
Certified Life Coach

All of this to say… the culmination of my education and years of experience have all come together to help support you and your organization to identify purpose and create a clear and simple way to reach your goals, for the betterment of yourself and those around you.

Ready to get started?

A few more facts… just for fun.

  • I love to surf
  • I’m an avid beach volleyball player
  • I was an NCAA Division 1 athlete (I guess it’s fitting that I’m a coach!)
  • I changed careers after the age of 30
  • I can eat Tacos almost every single day!

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