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1:1 coaching with Troy is currently only available as an extension of his group coaching program.

Current Program: Stress-Busting Series: Software Developers, Engineers and Coders

An immersive educational course and support group. Networking advised!

Stop letting your demanding job limit you from enjoying your life.

Visit the group coaching programs page HERE, and if you would like to talk to Troy directly and learn more about your options for working with him, click the link below and schedule a free consult.

“If you get tired, learn to rest. Not quit.”

Take the 15 Question Burnout Assessment

Feeling tightness in your chest?  Are you exhausted but can’t sleep?  Do you constantly feel drained? 

These are all symptoms of burnout.

This quick quiz will help you identify the key indicators of this problematic issue so you can get a better idea of what’s impacting your stress levels and start resolving those issues. Once you take the quiz, your results will be sent to your inbox immediately.

“Ready to structure your life in a fulfilling way without the stress and overwhelm? ”


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