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Over the last few years the world has been driven further and further into a web-based society.  All sorts of people now work remotely, but there has still been a bit of resistance. Now with the Coronavirus circling the globe, it is becoming increasingly more crucial that we here in Western Societies learn to operate from web-based platforms.

Obviously, we are being forced into this right now, but is this a step that needed to be taken anyway? I think this is really just speeding things up for us.  As you know I am a Life Coach, but I am also a Licensed Psychotherapist with a brick and mortar office space.  The regulating body for my licensure has been very resistant to the idea of “web-based therapy”.  It’s an outdated institution in some ways and they seem to be under the impression that therapy can’t be as effective unless its face-to-face.

I challenge this.  Some of the online platforms for virtual counseling and meetings are very advanced and state of the art. But I will say with all the talk about social isolating right now, my licensing board has sent out a memo.  It outlines that all Licensed Therapists may now engage in Tele-therapy as long as on approved platforms.  This is a huge step and one that needed to be taken anyway.

The Coronavirus may be scary, but in its wake, we are going to see some amazing enhancements.   The way business is conducted throughout the world will forever change.  It might be a bit of a bumpy ride, but in the long run, we will get there.

I have already moved most of my sessions that I would have done in my office to virtual sessions.  I can only imagine how this will affect all other industries?  Obviously, there will be some losses of jobs, but perhaps creation of others?  One thing is for sure, the world may be quite the different place a year from now.  And is that necessarily a bad thing?  I do have concerns, especially for those people who are in jobs that could potentially be replaced by online means.  This can be a scary thing for sure.

What are your thoughts,  concerns, hopes or fears on this topic?


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