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More than anytime I can remember, at least since the changes that took place after 9/11, are we as a global community in a state of transition and change right now with the Coronavirus / Covid-19 spreading its way throughout the world.  It may be scary, it may be hard, and hopefully not nearly as bad as projected.  With that said, if we fear that your livelihood is jeopardy, whether it be due to job loss, illness, or and other financial or social fears, how can we make sure that we are bringing in our lives the most positive changes that we can?

This is a time where we must be very aware and conscious.  We must be proactive with our thoughts and energies that we put out into the world.  Thoughts are at the basis of all creation, have energy themselves, and even if we don’t necessarily believe them, they can shape the way our world unfolds in front of us.

Are you having negative, fearful thoughts?  Are you letting your worries get the best of you? If so, those very fears are exactly what you will be attracting into your life.  If your thoughts are “I am afraid I will end up unemployed”, all the brain notices is the world unemployed.  So that is possibly what you could be attracting into your life.  Instead we need to notice these negative thoughts and try our best to reframe and refocus on thoughts of abundance.

The truth is, we cannot predict the future and assuming that there will be a lack or a loss is actually very harmful.  Of course, we do need to be realistic and take any action steps needed to work towards positive changes, but negative assumptions need to get kicked to the curb.  Notice those negative predictions.  Acknowledge that you are having it.  Feel how it may affect you. Then tell yourself that you don’t want or need it and cast it aside with an explanation point at the end of it!!!  Replace it with something positive like “even though things seem quite uncertain right now, I know things will work out and I will be fine”. You can even affirm that you will find fruitful employment and maintain financial success.  Really try to believe this and it is just as likely as those negative predictions you were telling yourself…even more so.  Then pay attention…

Pay attention to what comes up in your life.  What might manifest for you.  There will be signs pointing you in the right direction.  People to talk to, places to go, steps to take. Just never grow stagnant.  Don’t get stuck.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other with these positive thoughts and watch as you manifest a happy new reality for yourself.

Do you believe In the Law of Attraction?  Do you believe you have control over the circumstances in your life?  Tell me your greatest successes with creating amazing changes in your life!

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