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Right now more than ever it is so important to develop and utilize awareness of our body’s, inside and out.  Often times through my life I have been extremely  busy and wrapped up in the things.   So much so that at times I had failed to notice subtle signs and signals that my body was trying to tell me. Or, and probably more often true, I had disregarded these messages out of denial or fear.

An example is how I like to exercise and stay fit. As I have gotten older, my body doesn’t handle the intensity of sport or exercise as well as it used to. This has sometimes been hard to admit to to myself. Due to this I had disregarded small indicators such as joint pain until it had gotten to a problematic level.

Just like our joints, the rest of the body gives signals as well. This can be valuable with the coronavirus going around. These days I am very aware of what my body feels like. Recognition whet it is at its healthiest.  I also know subtle shifts when I begin to experience illness such as a cold or the flu, or even allergies. I think we are all different and these signs manifest differently in everyone.  This is why it’s important to get familiar with your own body.

If you’re a busy person, or have a lot of responsibilities, you may also disregard small, initial signals that your body sends when illness first sets in. This may be merely due to your attention being overly focused on other things.  It may also be a denial or fear of potentially not being able to manage all your obligations in life. Now is the time for that mentality to change. No one is to “strong” or “brave” to battle through Illness right now without being honest with yourself and others about it.

Check in with your body frequently throughout the day. Be honest with yourself if you notice something is a little off. This is so important right now. Early detection of any illness gives everyone the best chance of batting through it, and taking steps to make sure it is not spread to others.  This is a sign of respect for yourself and for others.  It all starts with paying attention. When you listen to your body right now, what do you hear? Take care of yourself now and your future self will thank you 🙏


For any questions or comments, feel free to contact Troy