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Who am I? I guess that is the first question.  If the answer is solely a human being, then this post may not do much for you.  Your life is what it is, the problems are real and important, and when you die there will be nothingness.  Kind of a grim outlook as far as I’m concerned.  Not only do I choose to believe something else, I have experienced it, and feel it deep inside.

If we are truly spiritual beings having a human experience, then especially now, that is an important thing to remember and get in tune with.  If my reality is some other realm of existence, then that sheds doubt on the reality of this material one we see in front of us.

There are spiritual teachings that liken this life on earth in to a dream state.  As if we are spiritual beings having a dream, and at some point, will wake up.  I like this idea and it resonates with me.  With that said, we are still “here” and experiencing this “life”.  I put that in quotes because the truth is, we are not here and our true life is our spiritual existence.

My thoughts are, why not make the most of it?  Why not create the best experience we can for the relatively short period of time that we have the opportunity to visit this place?  The first step for me in doing that, is just to remember that this “life” is not all there is, it is not me.  I am greater than this, and these things that seem so important right now are merely a blip in time on a false timeline, in a place of fantasy. Let’s make it a good fantasy, no matter what obstacles we stumble upon!

If I can remember that, I can see that no matter how grim things look on the outside (the outside includes our physical body and our spirit is beyond that), I am truly whole and connected to spirit.  That is dis-identifying with the dream.  That is detaching from my so-called problems.  That will give me the calmness and clarity to make the best choices of action to get through these external struggles I see. It can give me the ability to accept what may be happening right now, and be in the moment with it, rather than fighting it.  The fight only creates unwanted distressing feelings.

When I can sit back and experience this life moment to moment, through good or bad, I can find peace in knowing that everything truly is ok right now.  If we can stop and truly observe life, even when there are problems going on, we can see the beauty that is still there as well.

This is just the roller coaster of life that we signed up for to experience! Enjoy the scenery on the way up, feel the excitement on the way down, experience the force of the speed, all along knowing that it’s just a ride and even greater things await you once it is over!

How is your roller coaster-dream state going for you right now? Are you going up, or stuck upside down?  Experience it.  Embrace it.  Enjoy it.  You will never have the chance to experience this exact moment ever again.  Don’t waste it.  That acceptance will put you right in the flow of life, which is where you are meant to be. You are so much greater than the perceived problems in your life.  Make sure to remember that!

Are you accepting or fighting/judging your current situation in life?


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