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The problem

Through our experiences in life we can add many protective layers to deal with our environments.  We start off completely whole as small children but, over time, our experiences trigger different defense mechanism-type responses and protective shields that we end up using in our day to day lives.  These ways of interacting in the world can get very ingrained in our psyches.  It can get so ingrained that it determines certain core believes and values that we may have, which may be based out of fear.

If left unchecked, these protective ways of thinking and dealing with the world can cause confusion with who we truly are as well as our goals and purpose.  With some people, it can be so problematic, that they end up losing site of their own natural beliefs and act on what they think may look best in the eyes of society or other people.  Sadly, some people end up in this state their entire lives.

How to dismantle this

We cannot change our pasts, but we can finally use some mindfulness, or gain awareness that we may have been operating based out of a place of ego or fear.  Once we know this, we can focus attention on our thoughts, feelings, and actions throughout the day.  We can reflect upon whether we are acting out of true beliefs, or perhaps out of self-protection or self-preservation.  Those are just forms of fear.

Operating out of love rather than fear

We must step back and ask ourselves, are my thoughts or actions right now based out of love or fear?  At first it may be hard to see, but with time and consistent application, you will see the answer.  And why is this important?  Love is our true nature and fear is the protective measures than have been layered upon us over time.  As we begin to see it more clearly and consistently, we can take steps to adjust our thinking or actions to be more in alignment with who we really are at our core.

This is not an easy, comfortable, or quick process.  It takes time and dedication, and most of all, courage.  In order to make this change to become more aligned with your true self, or Higher-Self, courage is vital.  Change can be scary as it involves the unknown.  As human beings, the unknown can be one of the scariest things.  With that said, what is scarier; living a false version of yourself which is based on fear, or trying to find your true self and risk failing?

The payoff

The truth is, once you begin to act out of love rather than fear, and you are in proper alignment with self, you will notice how much more fulfilling life can be.  You will notice abundance rather than lack.  You will feel more connected to others, and you will begin to know the feeling of true happiness.  Life may not end up looking exactly how you had always envisioned, but it will most likely be better.

Are you in alignment with you true self?  Are you acting in accordance with your true goals and purpose or out of fear of something?


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