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We are spiritual beings having a human experience. A cliché saying, but still true.  We create life from within ourselves. What does this mean in relation to the coronavirus, or any other disease or illness for that matter?

Attracting our Reality

Our lives unfold as a manifestation of our state of mind and our perception.  The universe responds to those thoughts and feelings that we carry with us.

Does this mean we collectively brought this crisis into being as a global society? Yes, it does. Does that mean we wanted this? Of course not. The question is, why and how would we do this?

Acting From a Place of Fear

It all comes down to fear. Fear of lack, or not having enough. That is enough to cause all of this on such a global level. The universe is reactive to us, not the other way around.

If there is a fear in our minds, somewhere deep down inside where we don’t even realize it, such as “I’m never going to get enough to be happy”, then that is exactly what the universe will give you. This is the basis of human consciousness and the law of attraction here in this reality.

A Different Type of Global Pandemic

The truth is, global fear has become the pandemic. Look at our leaders and our institutions, even our media. It is all based on fear.

Those institutions are all collective representations of individuals. Eckart Tolle talks about the tipping point of unconsciousness of mankind and how we will either reach the point of awakening, or die out. Maybe we are reaching that?

Our unconscious and fearful human behavior, acting out solely in ways to prevent the “lack” with which we fear so much, is what has slowly caused the universe to bring this perceived pandemic to us. I say perceived, because the real pandemic is our global fear, and lack of awareness.

We are All in This Together

Every one of us is accountable for attracting this into our life’s in some way, whether you are living in fear or not. It wouldn’t be part of your life if you, as part of the collective, didn’t partake in manifesting it. It is the law of cause and effect, or karma.

We are all one and together as a species. Until we fully comprehend that and act in such a way, we will continue to see pain and suffering in the world. We fight for our independent gains rather than the collective good, that must change.

As a species, we can choose to react to what the universe has now given us in one of two ways. We can continue to react in fearful, unconscious, selfish, and independent ways, or we can choose act in a collective and compassionate way.

Bringing Positive Change

I do believe I am seeing a lot of positives in the world right now with respect to the handling of our crisis. I also see a lot of fear. When this is all said and done will our collective human mindset have changed enough to trigger a shift for the better for mankind?

Will we have learned from this and change our mindsets for good moving forward? Or will we perhaps fall back into our old pattern of fearfully trying to prevent lack?

It All Starts With You

It all begins with yourself. Myself. Observing our thoughts and actions. We make sure there is awareness and love in our minds. We make sure that we are filled with thoughts of abundance rather than lack. One person at a time, is the only way a collective shift can take place. 🙏 If you would like help learning ways to change your mindset, please ask about my 1 on 1 coaching program for change.